Station Centre-Ville is a family business, that's how we want our client to feel when they come in our store. We are very active in our community; personally and professionally. Even though we sell traditional convenience store goodies; candies, chocolats, chips, pops, beers and wines, we are very proud to offer a variety of healthy food in our gourmet sandwich section.

''If we want to bring new customers in our store and in our region, we need to be proactive in finding new ideas to be attractive.'' - Amélie and Vincent


Our vision is to have a nice relationship with our customers. We need to give an excellent service and make sure our customers have a great shopping experience in our store.

The story of Station Centre Ville !

At 21 years old, Vincent Labranche, decided to sell his shares (in the family forestry business) to buy a gas station, which was closed for almost a year.

Vincent was and still is, very motivated to develop business from scratch. Every time Amélie and Vincent went to Montreal or Toronto, Vincent would stop in every corner store to get some ideas, something that would make Amélie go crazy. Year after year, our store reach newer heights in sales. In 2011, our store needed TLC (Tender Loving Care) and we decided to invest in our 60 years old store. Doubling the size, a new DVD section, motel rooms and our beer section was bigger and offer more beer selection.

Since the beginning, June 2002, Station Centre Ville had one goal; be the BIGGEST beer seller in Témiscaming. We are very fortunate to be on the border of Ontario, since our beer price is way cheaper. We now sell Crafted Beer from Québec and Ontario.

2013 was the turning point, Amélie came and offer something we needed for a long time. A gourmet sandwicherie (prêt à manger section). Amélie brings a delighted and healthy touch to our team. Her passion is very contagious. Thank you Amélie for all your hard work, your passion, your positivism, your professionalism and your integrity.

Community involvement

At Station Centre Ville, we are involved in our community !


In every committee involvement, Amélie needs to feel that she can bring something to the table. Of course she choose to be involved where her 3 daughters; Zoélie, Anaëve and Livia are actively involved. The organisation needs to be very close to her values and interest.

Amélie's community involvement (to date) :

  • President of the board of directors at École G.Théberge,
  • Vice-President of the board of directors at Pour Tous Les Bouts De Chou,
  • President of the board of directors at Musée de La Gare (Train Station Museum)


Vincent loves to be involved in his community. TEMISCAMINGUE REGION, IS IN MY HEART. I need to be involved in sports and differents organisations. It comes from my mother Monique. My mom was so busy with all my activities and sports. If we didn't have a baseball team, she would get some players and make our team. My administration side of the business comes from my father Serge. If we want to live in a active community, where its fun to be... WE NEED TO BE INVOLVED IN ORDER TO DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR OUR TOWN. The sens of belonging is so important for our futur generation.

Vincent's community involvement (to date) :

  • President of the Executive Committee & Coordinator  at the 34th Québec Games (Régionale Centralisé de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue)
  • Assistant-Coach (Hockey) with my daughter Zoélie for the NorthBay Ice Boltz organisation.
  • Board of directors at Caisses Desjardins du Témiscamingue

Vincent' community involvement (past) :

  • President & Général Manager – Titans de Témiscaming ~ 2011 @ 2015
  • Men’s Hockey League in Témiscaming~ 2007 @ 2014
  • Men’s Hockey Tournament in Témiscaming ~ 2010 @ 2016
  • Temiscaming Minor Hockey coach ~ 7 teams from 2000 @ 2014
  • Treasurer @ Témiscaming & Kipawa Chamber of Commerce ~ 2009 @ 2011
  • Board of Directors – Centre de la Petite Enfance (Day Care) ~ 2010


Business hours:

Monday to friday : 7AM to 11PM

Saturday and sunday : 8AM to 11PM


557 chemin Kipawa
Canada J0Z 3R0