Parc national d’Opémican

Once it opens as expected in 2019, the Parc national d’Opémican will become a unique tourist site to discover, characterized by the dominant presence of great red and white pines, a mix that marks the territory where the deciduous and boreal forests meet.

The park has all the key elements necessary to offer an outstanding scenery: low, rugged relief and numerous cliffs that mainly flank the edges of the long Lake Temiskaming.

This territory, trodden by the Native Peoples, voyagers, lumberjacks and early settlers, is rich in history. Therefore, it is impossible not to mention the great historic wealth of Pointe Opémican, located at the heart of the park, which bears witness to the beginnings of logging and timber driving activities that no longer exist today.

TITANS (Hockey)

During the fall and winter seasons, nearly every Friday night it is possible to live the TITANS experience. The Témiscaming Titans is a Junior A hockey club of the GMHL and the players are aged between 16 and 21, which allows for high-calibre performances. Needless to say, the entire town and Témiscamingue region are proud supporters of the TITANS.
www.titanshockey.caTitans schedule

Desjardins Challenge
(Half marathon)

The half marathon has been a great success for the past 5 years and the whole community has been benefiting from it. This activity promotes a healthy lifestyle in our community and supports tourism, since many participants are from out of town. Lots for Tots is a non-profit family organization and all funds raised will help it to maintain its activities. If you would like more info about the Lots for Tots family center visit the web page at

Dottori Hall (Live Shows)

The Dottori Hall presents 18 performances from September 2017 to May 2018, not counting the various events organized by various committees during the year. The 2017-18 season Dottori Desjardins brings several renowned artists to Temiscaming and some of the performances are know worldwide. Integrated into an exceptional culture recreational facility, The Centre, the Dottori Hall is capitalizing on an advantageous geographic location that makes it a crossroads of tour routes. Moreover, as it only takes 4 hours to reach Temiscaming from Ottawa or 4.5 hours from Toronto, the Dottori Hall is a great hub that benefits both artists and their agents. It is also important to specify that, situated only 45 km from the city of North Bay, Ontario, Temiscaming also embodies a destination en route to a tour in northern Ontario. The STATION CENTRE VILLE is very proud to support SALLE DOTTORI for a 2nd year in a row.
2017-2018 complete program

Le Centre
Telephone : 819 627-3230
20, rue Humphrey, C.P. 730
Témiscaming (Québec) J0Z 3R0

Train Station Museum

You can visit the Train Station Museum’s official website.
You can follow the activities held at the Train Station Museum on their Facebook page.

Gordon Creek and Falls

Fed by Lake Kipawa, Gordon Creek crosses the eastern part of town only a few steps away from the town centre before emptying in the Ottawa River. Its course is punctuated with a multitude of cascades and a magnificent waterfall located at the bottom of a gorge some 200 metres north of Murer Avenue. From the bridge spanning Gordon Creek, one can feel the force of the current that emanates from the fall. A great tourist attraction!

Hunting and Fishing

The southern area of the Témiscamingue region is a lush territory of vast forests and lakes, perfect for hunting and fishing enthusiasts. The town of Témiscaming is located by the prestigious Lake Timiskaming and near Lake Kipawa, which has been listed as one of the ten most beautiful lakes in Quebec. Témiscaming is undoubtedly a choice location for tourists and nature lovers.

Fishing in Témiscamingue is excellent, whether it be for walleye, pike, smallmouth bass or lake trout. As for hunting, it is a key activity in the region as it is an exceptional place for hunters thanks to the presence of a substantial number of small game, black bears and moose. The presence of numerous outfitters in the area is a great delight for hunters and fishers alike.

Works of Art

The fountain and the Venetian well were offered to the Town in 1930 by C. B. Thorne, who was then the director of the Témiscaming mill. Imported from Italy, these collectible works of art made of bronze once graced an old aristocratic Roman family’s courtyard. They are the work of a Tuscan artist. The well is adorned with beautiful dancing figures and is erected on a Florentine marble base. As for the fountain, it is surmounted by a statue of Neptune and surrounded by mythological figures.

C.B Thorne also offered a bronze statue of David located in front of the Town Hall, a marble statue named “Printemps” that is located inside the same building, as well as a painting representing the Holy Family found in the Sainte-Thérèse church.


The Town of Témiscaming can count on the mobilization of the NPO Voyageurs sur neige to maintain the snowmobile trails on its territory and to keep affiliations with neighbouring clubs, both in Quebec and Ontario. As the town is located in the border zone, our trails are the Quebec gateway to Northern Ontario. As it is recognized for the beauty of its landscapes, the town of Témiscaming can offer snowmobilers a variety of services ranging from accommodations to restaurants.

For more information on the various federated trails, the costs for a trail pass or trail conditions, visit Les Voyageurs sur neige’s website.

The snowmobile trail runs only a few metres behind our convenience store, which means you can access our store quickly from the snowmobile trail. Station Centre-Ville is thus a great place to have a good rest before continuing your lovely excursion toward the rest of the Témiscamingue and Abitibi regions.


Numerous trails are available for ATV rides. The Club VTT du Témiscamingue organizes several group outings every year. For more information on the club and the fees for a trail pass, visit the Club VTT du Témiscamingue’s website.


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Saturday and sunday : 8AM to 11PM


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